Online Support.

Online and telephone support when you need it with a one off yearly amount. Keeping costs fixed knowing that the bills won't mount up. Allowing your staff to call for support without requesting permission to call and the problems of raising purchase orders. Keeps your organisation and staff working.

Workstations & Desktop PC's are at the front end of your system and the ones that get the most abuse. Our online support covers the operating system and basic office applications like Word and Excel, and even printing problems. We can remotely access securely via (rainhelpdesk)​ service

Annual Server Support We cover virtual container servers i.e. VMware and also traditional thick servers, the likes of Windows server.

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RainHelp Desk

Rain helpdesk is an application similar to TeamViewer when remote access to the desktop is needed. Unlike 3rd party applic​ations which allow desktop mirroring via public servers, all data is sent via an en​​​crypted tunnel thorough our on-premise server, so we keep all data in-house not going through an unknown server.

  • Point to point connection
  • All data sent via raindrop​ our own in house servers connection using 1024-bit encryption
  • Data only gets processed on our endpoints and our secure server.
  • NO 3rd party has access.
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RainXMS Network Healthcare

How many times do systems go down or go on a go-slow?
If you were only informed that an issue was lurking around the corner.
You need an active caretaker run​ning 24/7 looking, asking, reporting on any impending proble​ms even disasters.

This is where RainXMS comes in.

RainXMS can monitor 1000s of devices'  servers, switches, routers ​j​ust look at the background of this page 24/7, no matter where in the world th​e devices are. All you need is an internet connection. Common problems include low space on drive C - if not corrected the system will totally CRASH OUT. We set warning if C goes below 30% free space we will be notified and can rectify with minimal downtime.

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Secure WebRDS

  • RainRDS is a clientless remote desktop gateway.
  • HTTPS access, 2FA authentication, Protection from keyloggers with login.
  • It supports standard protocols like VNC, RDP, and SSH. 
  • Thanks to HTML5, all you need to access your desktops is a web browser. 
  • Not tied to any one device or location. Use cheap tablets to access.
  • As long as you have access to a web browser, you have access to your machines
  • Great for use in high theft-risk areas. Can use cheap tablets which hold no sensitive data.
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Website Support & Hosting

We are a website design company. Our programmers have been building websites since 1998, our focus is not just on creating a fantastic website design for you and a website​ that is functional, that goes without saying, we also want to create a website that helps your position in search engines, after all what is the point in having a fantastic design if no one can find you online!

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Software services & Database Design

Quite often our clients have a need to manage data but do not have a solution in place to do so.
We have successfully​ developed databases to meet our clients' need to manage data.
We integrate the backend programming with custom front-end web design.
Likewise, we offer a full service of bespoke database designs which are specific to the customer's needs. Furthermore, we will spend time within your company to learn your processes and design a database that meets your exact needs.
The database can be accessed from ANY web-browser within your internal network, and will be accessible from Windows, Linux etc. We can also make your application accessible from your PDA's too.

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