Wireless LAN Management

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Introducing Wireless Management

Wireless LAN or "WiFi", as it's commonly known, is ubiquitous - it's used every day for smartphones, laptops, tablets and even home multimedia such as smart TVs, audio systems and games consoles. Wireless LAN provides convenience, flexibility and freedom but with today's widespread and sheer volume of use, it has become ever more important to control, monitor and maintain their efficiency, performance and security.

Netgear's wireless management solutions allow you to provide reliable and efficient site-wide wireless LAN coverage. Management ensures that you also keep control of your wireless access points and clients (users/devices) to ensure best performance, coverage and security across an office, building or whole campus. At a glance you can see what's going on. Netgear's solutions are scalable, affordable and intuitive.

Benefits of Wireless Management

1. Coverage, Performance & Flexibility.
Mobility across a larger office, building or campus is important to so many users. Being able to take use your laptop, tablet or other device around the building or site and be sure of reliable coverage throughout makes your working life easier.

With that site-wide coverage, your device can switch from one Netgear access point to another automatically. To ensure the best performance in high traffic areas, load balancing can spread your wireless traffic across multiple access points in the same location.

2. Monitoring & Reporting.
With any larger deployment of wireless or shared Internet access, it becomes ever more important to know about the users and traffic on your wireless LAN.

Netgear's reporting logs user activity and traffic levels as well as real-time at-a-glance status reports, helping you to identify bottlenecks, high traffic areas or unacceptable traffic levels for specific users.

3. Control & Security.
Wireless makes it very easy to connect to your network but also easy for unwelcome users.

Netgear's control and security facility ensure that only users you want to have access can get access, and only to the parts of the network they need to, at the times they need to.

Private and guest networks can be fully isolated and access points can be automatically configured.

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