Unlimited* Telephone & Online Support

Online and telephone support when you need it with a one off yearly amount. Keeping costs fixed knowing that the bills won't mount up. Allowing your staff to call for support without requesting permission to call and the problems of raising purchase orders. Keeps your organisation and staff working.

Workstation & Standalone PC's
Workstations & Desktop PC's are at the front end of your system and the ones that get the most abuse. Our online support covers the operating system and basic office applications like Word and Excel and even printing problems. If you have a problem call on us on 0161 303 8899 then we can setup a fault request and either remedy the problem via the phone or we can connect remotely to your system via the internet to rectify the problem EASILY. If your problem extends to user training we can offer an on-line training section with our ICT trainer. This is of course an extra service to our normal support services. Please call for more information.

Annual Server Support
We cover virtual container servers i.e. VMware and also traditional thick servers i.e. Windows Server 2016/2019
If your server(s) is on a virtual platform then there will be a virtual server charge in addition to your Server charge. If you have more than 4 virtual machines (Servers) on a single physical Virtual Platform we can offer a discount for online support for the virtual host server. Keep your server running perfectly - all year round. Make sure you're ready for whatever comes you way with Raindrop Remote Support.

What is covered in your Support
• Troubleshooting critical issues related to Active Directory of your Windows 2012/2016/2019 Server.
• Troubleshooting and configuring networking components such as VPN and remote access.
• Fixing critical errors like Clients not being able to logon to the domain.
• We not only support the configuration and optimisation of the system, we also recommend the way forward with your expanding needs for future enhancements and upgrades to the system.
• Troubleshooting Active Directory Installation and Removal Issues.
• Optimise your user pool under the active directory system.
• Group Policy Management.
• User Management.
• Replicating Issues.
• Active Directory Restore.
• Implement Security Settings in the most efficient manner.
• Ensure you the latest updates to help you leverage the benefits of new features in Group Policy Management Console (GPMC)
• With the right policies set on your network you can control all your client machines and ensure uniform deployment across the network.

If the support has to be completed by an on site visit then a 5% discount will be applied to our normal charges to the registered device of the online support facility. This is a value added extra service. If you require any other services from Raindrop Systems for devices of this system we will extend this to other projects.

Workstations / Desktop PC / Laptop £210.00 P.A.
Workgroup Server (No A.D. or Mail Facilities) £410.00 P.A.
Domain Controller (or server with Mail Facilities) £570.00 P.A.
Terminal server clients per user £130.00 P.A.
Virtual Server (VM Ware) + £320.00 P.A.

For server clusters working in a server farm please call for pricing.

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Thank you for taking an interest in Raindrop Systems. Please fill out the boxes and we will reply very shortly. Also you can call us on 0161 303 8899.
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